【Reduction effective from 26th August 2022.】 Reduction of tuition fees for “Remote learning courses” for Sommelier of Sake (International kikisake-shi). *Emergency measures due to the effects of COVID-19.

In order to ensure the safety and health of the participants and other people concerned, and for those who are concerned about attending courses at venues affected by COVID-19, we will offer a special reduced price for the “Remote learning course, Sommelier of Sake (International kikisake-shi) ” which allows participants to acquire qualifications without having to visit the venues.

The special price is available from noon on August 26 (Fri.) to noon on September 22 (Thu.), 2022, for one month. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

All prices below include tax.
The reduction applies to those who have completed application and payment by noon on August 26 (Fri.) through noon on September 22 (Thu.).
FBO certified member prices are not applicable.
Applications received between noon on August 22 (Mon.) and noon on August 26 (Fri.) will be charged the regular price.

Sommelier of Sake (International kikisake-shi)
Remote learning course: 69,300 JPY (regular price: 73,000 JPY)
Remote learning course (without textbook of English ver.): 66,300 JPY (regular price: 70,000 JPY)
Remote learning course (without textbook of Chinese ver.): 65,300 JPY (regular price: 69,000 JPY)


▼Chineses Follows



・FBO 認證會員價格不符合以上條件。

網上授課         69,300円(定價:73,000円)
網上授課(沒有英文教材) 66,300円(定價:70,000円)
網上授課(沒有中文教材) 65,300円(定價:69,000円)